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2024 Summer Horse Camp

All experience levels welcome! 


The Horse Project’s 2024 summer horse camp provides an opportunity to learn about different aspects of horse handling, care and barn etiquette. 


This hands-on experience will teach campers how much work goes into caring for horses. Throughout the week, campers will learn the ins and outs of how to maintain the horses’ homes, hoof care, and other special horse needs. Specifically, they will be taught about proper feeding routines, grooming, and exercising the horses.


Campers will also get a chance to connect with horses through massage and meditation. They will learn about energy work and how other somatic methods like aromatherapy can relax horses’ minds and muscles. 


Campers will learn various important communication skills as they are applicable to horses. They will learn about many nonverbal cues including body language, eye contact, touch, and sound as they develop their bonds with the horses. 


This camp is adaptable to people with any level of horse experience, as they will learn through each activity. We welcome all kids ages 8 to 16 whether they are new to horses or have spent their lives around them, and guarantee they will walk away having learned something new.

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