Rescue. Rehabilitate. Rehome.  


The Horse Project rehabilitates, re-trains and re-homes

rescued horses who have been abandoned, abused and neglected.

The Horse Project works to ready rescued horses for new and caring homes that best suit their individual skills, talents and potential. We are an all-volunteer group partnering with professionals for the horse's health, conditioning, and ground and under saddle training.




14 yr old Mare, 16 hh, Thoroughbred, Trakehner/Holsteiner

Beautiful OTT wearing her mask.  Sassy.  Melts your heart when she accepts your affection.  Scared of the big green ball and people on all sides.  Nervous, unsure handlers make her anxious.    Still needs work at the mounting block.  Looking for her special person,  patient, loving and confident, to accept her as she is and help bring her to her full potential.  

Sweet Boy


16.1 h, former hunter jumper

JUST IN! Beginner/Intermediate ride. This beautiful boy has a lovely walk, trot and canter, but his jumping days are behind him. He'll need a refresher course to get back into the swing of things since he's coming from time off at a hunter/jumper barn. You'll fall for his friendly, fun personality.

Miller & Rebel  ADOPTED


Good friends go together.  24 & 34 yr old Geldings, 15 hh, Quarter Horses

Happy boys here having a fun roll. Perfect for a family with young kids or a senior who wants to love on them but still likes to trail.  Rebel is a comic, curious and interested.  He's been taking beginning riders on trails for 5 yrs.  His arthritic knee means no steep hills or cantering, but he's energetic and loves to get out for a walk and trot.  Miller is great company. A fuzzy, teddy bear with his winter coat.  He has no health issues we've found.  Amazing at his age. It's hard to keep up with him when walking out, but he's no longer taking riders. Truly sweet boys.

Looking for something else?

Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 1.48.40 PM.png

A particular horse breed, gender or capability.  A pony or mini.  A mule or donkey.  We can help match-make.   

Complete the Interested in Adopting Application by clicking the "Apply" button below.  When our  available equines don't match, we'll send your Application to a network of California rescues and sanctuaries who will send you good fit candidates they believe will meet your wants and needs.  Choose those you want to find out more about.  Talk directly to the organization(s) who has them.  Need assistance?  Email The Horse Project.  




Looking for a Horse, Pony, Mini, Mule or Donkey?
  • Complete the Interested in Adopting Application by double clicking the "Apply" button to the right

  • If we don't have the right horse for you, by checking the box on the application, we can send it to the CA Equine Rescue and Sanctuary Network . Those with good match candidates will contact you.

  • If one of our horse seems right, we'll contact you to set up a visit. 

  • We recommend you spend time with the horse on multiple visits.

  • First time horse owner? No problem we can help.

  • Pay a non-refundable deposit of $150 to start the adoption.

  • We conduct site visits to where the horse will be living.

  • Sign the adoption agreement and make the asking donation.  Every organization's is different.  Ask to see ours.

  • We can arrange a session or two with the horse's trainer for you to learn the cues the horse responds to and how the horse was trained.

  • Receive the transfer of ownership papers.




Thank you so much for your interest in volunteering with THP. 

We welcome volunteers from all experience levels to join us. Volunteers do everything from grooming, massage, socialization, walking, lunging, mucking and  feeding our horses. We additionally need help with our marketing efforts and administrative tasks.


Please apply by clicking the button below.



The Horse Project operates through Saffyre Sanctuary, Inc., a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit. By designating "For The Horse Project" your generous donation will go directly to the horses in our care.  Donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

            BY CHECK



1) Please make checks out to:  Saffyre Sanctuary, Inc.


2) Add "The Horse Project" in the "For" section at the bottom of the check.

3) Mail to:  Saffyre Sanctuary, Inc.

                  P. O. Box 921708

                  Sylmar, CA 91392

                   BY VENMO

1) To Saffyre Sanctuary @SaffyreSanctuary


2) Add "The Horse Project" in the "For" section 


Online donations will go through Saffyre's website via the button below. Please specify that your donation is for The Horse Project or towards sponsorship of a particular horse in the comments box or by emailing Thank you!



Horse sponsorship allows us to provide quality training, feed and supplements, massage, farrier services among many others.


Contact us at to find out more.

We thank you for your kindness, generosity and support of our mission and the horses.